Monday, January 23, 2012

Castle de Haar

My first trip was to Castle de Haar (sounds like HARD without the D). Every few months, the castle has special days for kids like me. For fun you can dress up for Elf Day, Knight and Princess Day and Troll Day.

Learn more: Troll Day

Castle de Haar is the biggest castle in the Netherlands. It has more than 200 rooms inside. I didn't go inside or I might have been lost forever.

Learn more: Castle de Haar


  1. We have decided that the Sour Lake Elementary 3rd graders need to go on a field trip to the castle. It is amazing!!!

  2. Ms. Long,
    We would have to sell a lot of sausage links, cookie dough and wash a lot of cars for the whole 3rd grade class to go. I hope your students are learning to dream about traveling. You are helping your students explore more places in their brain than Texas.

    At least one of them, maybe you Ms. Long, will fall in love with Europe or Holland or some other place because of this project.