Monday, January 23, 2012

Giving the Sunset a High Five

High five to the Dutch sunset. I think I will sleep good tonight. Tomorrow I may go to school and learn a few words. I heard that my name in Dutch is PLATTE Stanley (sounds like PLOT).

Sometimes, well, I wish I wasn't so plat, plot or flat. Today, the wind almost blew me in the canal three times during my photo shoots. I had to hold on tight to my blue wooden shoes. Thankfully, my scarf is sewn on.

It's bed time here. Good night to Avery and my friends in Texas.

Help me:
Texas and Holland do not have the same time? How many hours ahead of Texas is this country?
Find the answer

Searching for a windmill

I searched for a windmill on my first day. I met these three girls on bikes. They thought I was cute and wanted to take a picture with me.

Behind the girls is a windmill, but it does not have any blades. What? It was getting an extreme windmill makeover. We will have to find another windmill. That shouldn't be hard.

Help me:
What are Dutch windmills used for?
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Castle de Haar

My first trip was to Castle de Haar (sounds like HARD without the D). Every few months, the castle has special days for kids like me. For fun you can dress up for Elf Day, Knight and Princess Day and Troll Day.

Learn more: Troll Day

Castle de Haar is the biggest castle in the Netherlands. It has more than 200 rooms inside. I didn't go inside or I might have been lost forever.

Learn more: Castle de Haar

Biking in Holland

I heard it was 5 degrees celsius today. That sounds cold to me. I put on some wooden shoes for a bike ride. Happy to have my new scarf, too.

Help me:
How cold is 5 degrees celsius if we change that to fahrenheit like the temperature in Texas?
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Lots of people ride bikes here. I saw more bicycles than cars. I saw moms with babies on bikes, people with groceries on bikes, kids riding to school and home on bikes.

Help me:
I wonder how many bikes there are in the Netherlands?
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My Name is Flat Stanley

My name is Flat Stanley. I am from Sour Lake, Texas. My friend Avery sent me to Holland for a school project.

I came dressed in my best clothes. But, when I arrived it was colder than Texas. My host family made me put on a red scarf.

Today I started my big adventure visiting another country. I am a little bit nervous to do this all by myself. I miss Avery and hope she can come with me next time.

Arriving in Holland

I am Flat Stanley. I arrived in Holland today. I really needed to stretch my arms and legs. The family dog found me first. He is a dachshund named Gumbo. He likes the way I smell.