Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Going to Cry, Not Going to Cry

Here is my last run to the big red Dutch mailbox. I couldn't see much. It was cold and raining. It was a crazy bumpy trip because Adam, Joshe and Julius were playing soccer on the way to the mailbox.

When they dropped me inside the mailbox, I tried to yell my loudest "Tot Ziens" or "Doie" (pronounced tot zeens and dewey). I hope they heard me. Good Bye guys and thanks for showing me around.

I waited for the mail person. It was quiet, dark and I felt alone and a little scared. I was so happy that my host family let me take my red scarf back to Texas. My scarf kept me warm the whole trip.

I decided to sleep and dream about my adventures in Holland. I also thought about meeting Avery and my 3rd grade friends at Sour Lake Elementary again.

Good night Holland and see you soon Texas.

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